Custom Framing

Conservation Framing Methods at The Art Experience StudioUsing “conservation framing methods” describes the completion of a frame order using matting, paper or storage materials that do not contain acids which cause discoloration and deterioration. When we use archival materials, we are informing our customers that the art work is surrounded by acid-free materials and that the materials will remain stable over time.

We offer a large range of colors of matboard for you to select the perfect mat (a specially made cardboard with a beveled opening or window cut into it), through which the artwork is displayed. The primary purpose of the mat is to separate the artwork from direct contact with the glass which provides the necessary air space to help protect the picture from moisture and mold. Selecting just the right mat will enhance the beauty of the artwork by providing a decorative border and also create a smooth transition from wall to artwork.

Dedicated to framing excellence at The Art Experience Studio in Conway, ArkansasTo prevent fading on paper works of art or to keep your artwork retain its brilliance and brightness, we use specially coated glazing material. Many glass choices are available. We offer clear, non-glare and museum glass for you to select the glazing that works best in your home or office. Acrylic glazing may be your choice for children’s rooms or oversized artwork when safety or weight of the total framed piece is a concern.

What to Consider Framing


Local artist, Carol Willbanks, painted this beautifully colorful horse and mounted it on a deep stretcher bar to give an interesting sense of depth with the stretched canvas. A frame will a deep rabbet was necessary to accommodate the stretcher bar.

Documents, Postcards, & Golf Score Cards

Frame a vacation memory….frame a postcard. This sample shows the front of the postcard as well as the back so that the message and signature of the sender is always visible.


There are many choices in mounting and framing needlework. We will guide you through these choices to ensure that the needlework is framed correctly so that future generations will enjoy your creative efforts.

Shadow Boxes

Check your attics, basements, trunks and other places for treasured items to arrange in a shadow box.

Family Photos

Create a family story, by framing photos and other memorabilia from special occasions to family vacations. We will help you choose the perfect mat, frame and glass for your family photographs and other treasures to preserve all your family’s memories.

The Ultimate

There are times when frame designing requires a few extra embellishments. “Growing in the Wind,” a hand colored print, has a beveled accent (a paper insert which gives depth to the matting) inserted into the bottom mat. A round mat was cut with a mat with a rectangular opening placed on top. All of this was enclosed in an Asian inspired frame.


A mirror is like a piece of fine furniture. You can choose from our wide selection of frames and customize a mirror to enhance your home or office décor. Beveled glass is available.